A Russian Scientific and Technical Journal
2013, Vol. 1, No. 2

Improving the efficiency of electric arc plasmatrons for materials processing

K.A. Korsunov and R.N. Brozhko

East-Ukrainian National University
20-a Molodezhny ward, Lugansk, 91043, Ukraine

       The approaches that improve the efficiency of electric arc plasmatrons for materials processing: spraying, welding, cutting, gouging, etc. It is shown that an increase in the service life of the electrode system of plasmatron and thermal efficiency is achieved by profiling the discharge channel, stabilizing the cathode area and location of the cathode arc spot, the organization of the plasmatron with a split arc, creating the conditions for the formation of a diffuse attachment of the arc.

PACS: 52.75.Hn
Keywords: electric arc, plasmatron, arc splitting, diffuse binding, shaping the channel.

Bibliography – 10 references                          Received January 25, 2013

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