A Russian Scientific and Technical Journal
2013, Vol. 1, No. 2


Mikaelyan M.A. Quaternion algebra and Pauli equation     127
Golyatina R.I. and Mayorov S.A. Calculations of ion drift dependence on electric field strength in the proper gas     135
Okhrem V.G. Transverse thermopower and eddy thermoelectric currents in anisotropic thermoelectrics     141
Musaev A.M. Peculiarities of changes in electrical properties of silicon p+–n–n+-structures irradiated with electrons     147
Akatkin O.A., Culish O.A., and Petrova O.V. Forecasting the absorption dosage distribution in low-atomic number materials during a high energy neutron irradiations beam     151

Alferov D.F., Akhmetgareev M.R., and Sidorov V.V. Triggering vacuum switch with axial magnetic field     154
Korsunov K.A. and Brozhko R. N Improving the efficiency of electric arc plasmatrons for materials processing     161
Zibrov M.S., Pisarev A.A, Khodachenko G.V., and Mozgrin D.V Development of thin protective carbon-based coatings on aluminum     167
Kaziev A.V., Khromov P.A., Shchelkanov I.A., Khodachenko G.V., Stepanova T.V., and Tumarkin A.V. Experimental study of the high-current impulse magnetron discharge with controllable magnetic field configuration     173
Gorshunov N.M. and Potanin E.P. Influence of the Hall effects on stability of rotating plasma     178
Baksht F.G. and Lapshin V.F. Radiative energy transfer in axial-symmetric LTE plasma in conditions of pulse high pressure cesium discharge     183
Chikhachev A.S. Ensemble of ions and electrons in the electric field     189

Kesler V.G., Guzev A.A., Kovchavtsev A.P., Kuryshev G.L., Tsarenko A.V., and Panova Z.V. Photosensitive MIS sructures based on ultrathin plasmic InAs oxide     193
Boltar K.O., Burlakov I.D., Sednev M.V., and Yakovleva N.I. Features of UV 320x256 AlGaN p-i-n-FPAs     200
Troshin B.V., Klimanov E.A., and Sednev M.V. Examination of reasons of imperfections at a dusting of a stratum of indium     208
Chilyasov A.V., Moiseev A.N., Stepanov B.S., Savlinov K.E., Kotkov A.P., and Grishnova N.D. Epitaxial growth of CdxHg1-xTe layers on the large diameter GaAs substrates by MOCVD method     213
Eremchuk A.I., Polessky A.V., Samvelov A.V., Sysojev D.A., and Hamidullin K.A. Contactless control method of angular displacement of the cooling part of the microcryogenic system of Stirling during cooling focal plane arrays     220
Eremchuk A.I., Samvelov A.V., Shirokov D.A., Sysojev D.A., and Oganesyan N.N. Enhancement of working operations for filling microcryogenic systems with cryoagent     224

Gorelik L.I., Polesskiy A.V., Semenchenko N.A., Khamidullin K.A., and Yudovskaya A.D. Dual-band infrared lens     227
Bochkov V.D., Bychkovski Y.S., Drazhnikov B.N., Kondyushin I.S., and Kozlov K.V. Information-measuring system for monitoring parameters of photovoltaic photodetectors based on lead chalcogenides     231
Lopatkin S.V., Vlasov V.V., Danilov A.G., Danilov B.G., and Kruchinin M.A. Influence of fractional composition of zinc oxide on electrophysical properties of zinc oxide varistors     236

Memory about Vitaly I. Stafeev    241
XI All-Russian seminar on electron and ion optics     243
Three-volume edition on the solid-state photoelectronics     245
Rules for authors     247

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