A Russian Scientific and Technical Journal
2013, Vol. 1, No. 2

Examination of reasons of origin of imperfections at a dusting of a stratum of indium.

B.V. Troshin, E.A. Klimanov, and M.V. Sednev.

Orion Research-and-Production Association,
46/2 Enthusiasts highway, Moscow, 111123, Russia

       In products of microphotoelectronics, indium is the basic material for formation bumps bonding. Usually the method of vacuum deposition is applied to production of indium layer with use of evaporators of resistance type. At evaporated layers sometimes there are defects of the hemispherical form which gives serious problems at formation of indium bumps. In paper the model of formation of defects of this type and methods of struggle with them is offered. It is shown that basic causes of formation of defects are microwater volumes in local mechanical surface defects of substrates, micropollution on surfaces and dissolvent microvolumes in a photoresist layer.

PACS: 42.70.Nq
Keywords: evaporation of indium layer, defects, indium bumps.

Bibliography – 5 references                          Received March 27, 2013

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