A Russian Scientific and Technical Journal
2013, Vol. 1, No. 2

Enhancement of working operations for filling microcryogenic systems with cryoagent

A.I. Eremchuk, A.V. Samvelov, D.A. Shirokov, D.A. Sysojev, and N.N. Oganesyan

Orion Research-and Production Association
46/2 Enthusiasts highway, Moscow, 111123, Russia

       There is a correspondence of the calculated and experimental ways for obtaining the optimum modes of flushing internal volumes of microcryogenic systems (MCS) at preparation for filling with cryoagent in order to enhance the basic technology.

PACS: 85.60.Gz
Keywords: cooling microcryogenic system, cryoagent, FPA, gas, flushing.

Bibliography – 4 references                          Received February 2, 2013

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