A Russian Scientific and Technical Journal
2013, Vol. 1, No. 2

Influence of the Hall effects on stability of rotating plasma

N.M. Gorshunov and E.P. Potanin

Kurchatov Institute National Research Centre
1 Kurchatov sq., Moscow, 123182, Russia
Phone: +7 499 196-77-28

       Stability of plasma rotating in a space between two circular cylinders in a uniform axial magnetic field is investigated. The analysis is made within local approach in case of finite conductivity of the medium at neglecting of the induced magnetic field. Influence of the Hall effects on stability of a magnetohydrodynamic flow is studied. Existence of an unstable mode is shown in case of the weakly conductive plasma when directions of vectors of the angular speed of the medium and of the magnetic field are opposite.

PACS: 47.20.Qr. - d, 52.30.Cv
Keywords: rotating plasma, stability, the Hall effect.

Bibliography – 19 references                          Received December 20, 2013

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