A Russian Scientific and Technical Journal
2013, Vol. 1, No. 2

Transverse thermopower and eddy thermoelectric currents in anisotropic thermoelectrics

V.G. Okhrem

Chernivtsi faculty of National Technical University (KhPI),
203-A Golovna str., Chernivtsi, 58018, Ukraine

       In this article we consider cross emf and vortical thermoelectric current within a inhomogeneous thermoelectric anisotropic medium using different techniques of thermal influence. Considerations of thermal boundary conditions have not been addressed in previous research articles. In addition, the influence of anisotropy of conduction upon the cross thermo emf of anisotropicthermoelement is reviewed.

PACS: 85.80.F.
Keywords: eddy thermoelectric currents, the transverse thermopower, anisotropic thermal element.

Bibliography – 7 references                          Received December 20, 2012

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