A Russian Scientific and Technical Journal
2013, Vol. 1, No. 2

Information-measuring system for monitoring parameters of photovoltaic photodetectors based on lead chalcogenides

V.D. Bochkov, Y.S. Bychkovski, B.N. Drazhnikov, I.S. Kondyushin, and K.V. Kozlov

Orion Research-and Production Association
46/2 Enthusiasts highway, Moscow, 111123, Russia

       Developed is the information-measuring system based on PC to automate the measurement and analysis of photoelectric parameters multiplexed analog or digital signals of different photodetectors consisting of PV modules, which include a line or multi-line dot matrix photosensitive element and multi-channel multiplexer. The information is displayed in the form of tables and graphs.

PACS: 85.60.-q
Keywords: measuring apparatus, analog signal, digital signal, photodetector.

Bibliography – 8 references                          Received Januaty 20, 2013

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