A Russian Scientific and Technical Journal
2013, Vol. 1, No. 2

Development of thin protective carbon-based coatings on aluminum

M.S. Zibrov, A.A. Pisarev, G.V. Khodachenko, and D.V. Mozgrin

National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”
31 Kashirskoe shosse, Moscow, 115409, Russia

       Thin amorphous graphite-like carbon films and diamond-like hydrogenated carbon films were deposited on aluminum foils and aluminum plates using magnetron and RF discharges. The corrosion protection effect of the films was tested in 30 wt.% NaOH water solution. Dependence of protective properties on the deposition method used, substrate preparation, and presence of intermediate layers was shown. Mechanisms of interaction between an alkali solution and aluminum coated with carbon-based films are discussed.

PACS: 81.15.Cd, 81.15.Gh, 81.65.Kn
Keywords: corrosion, aluminum, protective coatings, carbon films, graphite-like carbon, diamond-like carbon.

Bibliography – 16 references                          Received March 2, 2013

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