A Russian Scientific and Technical Journal
2013, Vol. 1, No. 2

Dual-band infrared lens

L.I. Gorelik, A.V. Polesskiy, N.A. Semenchenko, K.A. Khamidullin, and A.D. Yudovskaya

Orion Research-and Production Association
46/2 Enthusiasts highway, Moscow, 111123, Russia

       Results of development the dual-band infra-red lens based on three spherical components are given. The lens provides diffraction image quality and high transmittance without AR coatings of lens’s components. Also the results of researches into the process of constructing the number of high image quality dual-band lenses are given.

PACS: 42.30.Va
Keywords: dual-band lens, infra-red equipment, MWIR, LWIR.

Bibliography – 3 references                          Received January 20, 2013

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