Uspekhi Prikladnoi Fiziki
(Advances in Applied Physics)

The Russian scientific and technical journal
Founded in 2013

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About Journal

       Advances in Applied Physics (Uspekhi Prikladnoi Fiziki) is a new Russian journal published since 2013. A journal founder is Orion Research-and-Production Association - a State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation. This journal is published 6 times a year. A volume of each issue is more than 120 pages. Its print publication has been recorded in the ISSN Register as ISSN 2307-4469.
      Advances in Applied Physics is the journal for the publication of high-quality, peer-reviewed original papers, review papers, information notes and advertisement on all main aspects of the science, technology, design and introduction of new devices, techniques, and technologies, based on new principles of the applied electrophysics, such as photoelectronics, microelectronics, optoelectronics, laser technology, radiophysics, superconductivity, physics and chemistry of solid state and plasma, semiconductors and dielectrics, accelators, materials and its treatment and so on. The Advances in Appllied Physics journal gives the latest information on new technology, applications and continuing research on dual-use extension programs.
      Basic sections of the journal:

  • General Physics;
  • Plasma Physics and Plasma Methods;
  • Electron, Ion, and Laser Beams;
  • Photoelectronics;
  • Physical Science of Materials;
  • Physical Equipment and Its Elements;
  • Scientific Information.

      In Russia, the Advances in Applied Physics is distributed to qualified engineers, scientists, and other professionals primarily involved in the research, development, and application of new technologies in the innovative industry. The journal deals with applied problems discussed on main local and foreign conferences.

      A manuscript and its copy in Russian (and in English for author outsite Russia) should be submitted to Editorial Board of the Advances in Applied Physics. Type must be double-spaced, all illustrations are submitted separately. A title page should include the title of the article, author`s name, his position, institute or enterprise, city, state, postmail address and E-mail. An abstract (in Russian and English) is to be provided preferably no longer than 100 words. The print manuscript must be copied in a CDR/DVD disc. In addition, it is desirable to sent manuscripts to the Deputy Editor-in-Chief by e-mail:

      Uspekhi Prikladnoi Fiziki (Advances in Applied Physics) is published by the Publishing Department of the Orion R&P Association (Moscow, Russia) six times in a year.
      Foreign subscriptions to the journal are accepted by East View Information Services, Inc. (Minneapolis, USA) . It takes to enter the journal page URL-address

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